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Palazzo Ruschioni Boutique Hotel a Camerano

PALAZZO RUSCHIONI Boutique Hotel, an ancient residence of Camerano now turned into a luxury B&B, stands at the border between Mount Conero and Ancona, in the flourishing Mediterranean vegetation, among the suave Marchigian hills. 9 modern rooms, for people that love to travel with their heart and mind in a charming and beautiful context. A luxury B&B of contemporary design, located in the center of the Marche region, for an ideal... Show more

Double Room B&B
min 80
max 130
Distance from the sea: 6.000 mt
Strologo Hotel a Camerano

Strologo Hotel is centrally located in the village of Camerano, one of the main towns of the Riviera del Conero. The hotel was renovated a few years ago, offers rooms with new furnishings and welcoming and is located quite high above sea level, thus providing quiet and natural refrigierio customers. Near the hotel you can find the main services, shops and especially the center of Camerano. Nearby are the mysterious caves Camerano be visited by... Show more

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Distance from the sea: 8.000 mt
La Perla Hotel a Camerano

La Perla Hotel and Restaurant in Camerano Ancona. La Perla Hotel is located in a strategic point near the motorway exit� Ancona Sud: excellent hotel to reach Camerano, Ancona, the industrial area surrounding and the sea of the Riviera del Conero. The restaurant is perfect for fish lovers. ... Show more

Double Room
min 70
max 110
Distance from the sea: 10.000 mt