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Internazionale Hotel a Portonovo

A 3 Star Hotel Romantic and Cozy occupying an enviable position in the Bay of Portonovo. It must not only come to the clear water, just to the Mediterranean or just for red arbutus: we offer you all in a spectacular Panorama. The Portonovo Beaches are 500 meters away and can be reached either by a short walk, is being accompanied by a distinctive "Bee gig" which acts as a fun con... Show more

Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board
min 49
max 399
Distance from the sea: 300 mt
Fortino Napoleonico Hotel a Portonovo

Hotel Fortino Napoleonico is situated in the most panoramic and quiet area of the "Riviera del Conero", in a magnificient position among the green of the trees and the perfect blue of the Adriatic Sea.�An ancient military fortress, erected between 1811 and 1813, now houses our elegant 4 stars hotel, opened in 1969, with a beautiful panorama and a relaxing atmosphere. Our hotel is lapped from the sea, two marvellous rocks called "Le Due Sorelle"... Show more

daily half board per person
min 140
max 180
Distance from the sea: 0 mt
Grand Hotel Passetto Hotel a Ancona

 Grand Hotel Passetto, located in centre of Ancona, in the most prestigious area of the city,  is an historical building, landmark of the high level hospitality since 1958. With an exclusive atmosphere, it is the ideal choice for a pleasant stay in Ancona.  The Grand Hotel Passetto, with its panoramic view overlooking the sea, is few footsteps from the War Memorial "Il Passetto”, one of the places of greatest interes... Show more

Double Standard Room
min 113
max 225
Distance from the sea: 50 mt
Emilia Hotel a Portonovo

Hotel Emilia hanging between the Sky and the SeaThe privileged position of Hotel Emilia is one of the features that will make your holiday a unique one.The Hotel has in fact the privilege to be suspended between the sky and the sea and surrounded by a marvellous private park. You may be willing to walk barefoot on the lawn, read a book, sunbathe on a wooden deckchair or surf the net through the free and unlimited Wi-Fi service:... Show more

Per person per day
min 49
max 699
Distance from the sea: 2.000 mt