The Conero Riviera territory,

An area of coastline that stretches from Ancona down to the mouth of the river Musone, which in this short space displays a unique configuration not to be seen elsewhere along the Adriatic coast.

From the coast to the countryside and the inland areas, each municipality making up the Conero Riviera, has its own special features, with something to offer and stories to tell.

The Conero Riviera

Looking up from the boot, Mount Conero stands out as the only green promontory in a landscape that goes from Trieste to Gargano. A countryside lying across a backbone of gentle hills, offering breathtaking views across the valleys below. Clinging to many of these hills are the churches, and ancient castles that provided the nucleus around which the villages and towns grew, their walls steeped in history.
As you move deeper inland you come across small and large artistic treasures, architectural masterpieces enclosed within the ancient town walls. Each one a treasure chest of art and cultural heritage.

The Monte Conero promontory influences the very aspect of the beaches it watches over, from the wild little beaches to the bathing resorts fully equipped with amenities. Turning your back on the sea one heads into the luxurious green countryside sprinkled with the colours of the various species of flowers.

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