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...in Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana and Marcelli beaches.

Feel the charm of Mount Conero: inhale all perfumes of its forests among Brooms, Lavenders, Myrtle; meditate deep into the silence of its sacred places.

Touch the art, history, culture, archaeology and museums of our cities: Numana, Sirolo, Osimo, Recanati, Offagna, Ancona and Castles. Get lost through the mazes of the underground caves of Camerano and Osimo.

Take a break and immerse in the spirituality of Loreto, Osimo and Ancona.

Spiaggia di San Michele a Sirolo Veduta di Loreto Veduta di Offagna
Spiaggiola di Numana Veduta di Sirolo Torre Clementina di Portonovo

The territory

  • Ancona & Portonovo

    The green bay of the Conero Riviera

    Just a few kilometers from the town of Ancona, this small town rises, where the greenery of the typical Conero park's vegetation and the blue of a sea join in a hug.

    Prenota Fortino Napoleonico    Fortino Napoleonico
    Via Poggio, 166 da 140,00 (daily half board per person)
    Prenota Emilia Hotel   Emilia
    Frazione Poggio, 149/A da 49,00 (Per person per day)
    Prenota Grand Hotel Passetto Hotel   Grand Passetto
    Via Thaon de Revel, 1 da 113,00 (Double Standard Room)
    Prenota Internazionale Hotel   Internazionale
    Via Poggio n.148 da 49,00 (Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board)
  • Sirolo

    The pearl of the Adriatic sea

    A true jewel of rare beauty, Sirolo is a small town center surrounded by a lane of narrow streets that suggest ancient suggestions.

    Prenota Conchiglia Verde Hotel   Conchiglia Verde
    Via Giovanni XXIII, 12 da 90,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota Acanto Hotel   Acanto
    Via Ancarano,18 da 90,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota Valcastagno Hotel, Residence   Valcastagno
    Via Valcastagno, 10 da 85,00 (Standard Double Room)
    Prenota Sirolo Hotel   Sirolo
    Via Grilli, 26 da 75,00 (daily half board per person)
  • Numana

    The lady of the Conero Riviera

    One of the most lively seaside resorts of the entire Riviera, in its center preserves an atmosphere of ancient flavor thanks to the reminiscences that derive from its traditional fishermen's village.

    Prenota Il Conero 2 Hotel, Residence   Il Conero 2
    Via del Conero, 29 da 78,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota La Spiaggiola Hotel   La Spiaggiola
    Via C. Colombo,12 da 70,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota Dama Blu Residence   Dama Blu
    Via Litoranea, 220 da 500,00 (Weekly Price per Apartment)
    Prenota Eden Gigli Hotel   Eden Gigli
    Via Morelli 11 da 98,00 (daily half board per person)
  • Marcelli di Numana

    Beaches for all

    A long coastline runs from the border of Numana to Porto Recanati, populated by colorful bathing establishments equipped with every service and comfort suitable for any need.

    Prenota Galassi Hotel   Galassi
    Via Rimini, 11 da 39,00 (daily bed and breakfast per person)
    Prenota Baby Gigli Meuble Hotel   Baby Gigli
    Via Litoranea, 164 da 125,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota Vila Bahia Hotel   Vila Bahia
    Via Recanati, 28 da 80,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota K2 Hotel   K2
    Via Ischia, 31 da 52,00 (daily half board per person)
  • Camerano

    The land of the Rosso Conero wine

    Lying on a hill surrounded by green vineyards, stands Camerano, a village that seems embedded in a distant and magical atmosphere.

    Prenota Strologo Hotel   Strologo
    Via Guasto, 89
    Prenota 3 Querce Hotel   3 Querce
    Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 44 da 45,00 (daily half board per person)
    Prenota La Perla Hotel   La Perla
    Via Direttissima del Conero, 1/3 da 70,00 (Double Room)
    Prenota Palazzo Ruschioni Boutique Hotel Hotel   Palazzo Ruschioni Boutique
    VIA SAN FRANCESCO, 22 da 80,00 (Double Room B&B)


News and Events

News, activities and events

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Venture into the imposing impressiveness of Frasassi caves. Play in the wonderful Conero Golf court in Sirolo Get carried away by waves and wind, on a sailing boat, wind surf, canoe… along Portonovo, Sirolo and Numana bays. Enjoy horse riding, or walking and climbing and explore by mountain bike all paths of the Conero Mount and biking routes of our Territory. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world diving.

Take part to the rich program of shows and exciting events around the area. Taste wines, products, gastronomy of our land along the way of Rosso Conero wine. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world diving.

Come and feel at home... We’ll take care of all the rest...

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Conero cuisine and more

The cuisine of the Conero Riviera is generally simple, not too rich in fats and spices. It is called "poor cuisine" in which the food maintains its authentic flavour. The changing seasons and the products obtained from land and sea influence the menu.

It excels in seafood, meat, pasta and vegetable dishes.
Therefore, it is a pluralist cuisine as “Le Marche”. In the Marche cuisine you can find a lots of seafood dishes favored by the abundance of fish in the sea (it should be noted that the Marche is one of the main region of Italy with the largest fleets)such as: the grilled “saraghina”fish; “papalina” fish omelet; the fried or breaded soles; the “orate all’anconitana” , grilled and seasoned breams with extra virgin olive oil and parsley; the “Pauri”, big local crabs boiled and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of lemon; the marinated “moscioli”, mussels; the savory “pannocchie” ,local crustaceans; the octopus and cuttlefish cooked in a thousand ways; the “crocette”, “bombarelli” and “raguse” in porchetta, local mussels enriched with wild fennel, Italian herbs and garlic.

A special place in the Conero cuisine is occupied by the “stoccafisso” (stockfish) and the “brodetto” (a local fish soup). In honour of this ancient delicious dishes, seasoned with the local extra virgin olive oil, three Academies were founded to promote the diffusion of these specialties with events and competitions. Many cities of the Marche coast are famous for the “brodetto”. There is not only one way to cook the “brodetto marchigiano” (a seafood soup with at least seven kinds of fish) but you can find several traditional recipes: “brodetto di Ancona” , “brodetto di Portorecanati”, “brodetto di Sanbenedetto” and “brodetto di Fano”. Each of them has their own ingredients and aromas… this is also pluralism. The “stoccafisso all’anconitana” is a particular fish dish with a strong taste cooked in Ancona and dated back to 1431, even if its authenticity has been long debated. It can be cooked with or without potatoes, with or without milk… in any case it has lots of followers!

The mussels: a unique pleasure

In Ancona the “moscioli” are the wild mussels or Mytilus galloprovincialis that reproduce naturally and live attached to the submerged rocks on the Conero coast. The “moscioli” are appeared here from the beginning of the twentieth century when their fishing was limited in some areas, the “Trave” cliff and other cliffs and shallows between Pietralacroce and Sirolo cities. The fishermen love to eat them freshly, smelling like sea and seaweeds, cooked on a fire plate, without any dressings or marinated with garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, pepper and a splash of lemon. The mussels are seasonal products and you can fish them from April to October. The fishermen of the Slow Food worked hard to ensure the origin of the mussels from the fishing areas and the traceability throughout the maritime supply chain. We cannot forget the delicious “raguse in porchetta” (murex brandaris o trunculus) slow cooked in tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and wild fennel, perfectly pairing with Conero red wines.

Even vegetarians and vegans can satisfy their palate.

In Ancona and surrounding area also grow many varieties of vegetables, little known elsewhere: the “roscani”, a variety of marsh grass seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar and melded with lesser calamint and garlic to create an intense aroma; the “pincicarelli”, flower bunds of the thistle known in Ancona and eaten fried, boiled or in stew. The name derives from “pincicare” or “puncicare” that in dialect mean “to sting” due to the leaves with sharp prickles; the “paccasassi”, a wild fennel variety; the “grugni”, a wild chicory variety; the cauliflower; “the broccoli strascinati”, pan-fried broccoli with garlic; the “misticanza”, a mixture of vegetables; the chickpea seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and rosemary; the “cicerchie”, a legume variety; the beans with sausage and fresh pork rind.

And finally the first course and countless recipes with handmade pasta.

You can’t miss these traditional local first courses : the “polenta”, cornmeal mush usually eaten on a wooden pastryboard with a sausage sauce and pork chops; the “pingiarelle”, bread dough pasta seasoned with lard; the “lasagne incassettate” and the “Vincisgrassi”, oven baked pasta; the “Cannelloni”, a cylindershaped pasta filled with meat; the “Calcioni”, a variety of filled pasta; the “pasta pelosa”, a rough handmade pasta, the spaghetti with mussels, clams or “bombarelli” ,sea snails; the “paccheri allo scoglio”, a variety of pasta with tomato sauce and shellfish; vegetable or legume soups with a base of fried lard; the “pastasciutte al sugo finto”, pasta with simple herb tomato sauce; “boccolotti al sugo d’oca”, a variety of pasta with goose sauce. The excellence of the cuisine of the Conero Riviera continues through the countryside products as the tasty vegetables and the variety of genuine meats from animals, bred in the countryside and hills of the Marche region: sheeps, cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens. The traditional Conero Riviera cuisine is not predefined but full of surprises thanks to the great mastery of food preparation . There is a huge choice of traditional second courses, among the most popular: the “pollo e il coniglio in potacchio”, chicken or rabbit meat in stew with aromas; the “pollo e coniglio in porchetta”, chicken or rabbit meat with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and wild fennel; the “manzo brasato alla marchigiana”, braised beef; the grilled or oven baked “ciarimboli”, pork intestines salted and dehydrated with chili pepper, fennel seeds and other aromatic herbs, usually eaten hot between two slices of bread; lamb seasoned with herbs, especially garlic and rosemary; the tasty “spuntature”, intestines from not yet weaned milk calf, roasted and seasoned with pepper; the delicious “porchetta”, roasted pork meat stuffed with salt, garlic, pepper, rosemary, fennel or other wild herbs; the “trippa alla canapina”, tripe with tomato sauce, herbs and parmesan cheese. Talking about the desserts, there is one for every season and event. Therefore, the richness of this territory derives from the excellence of the cuisine to taste and pair with the local fine wines.

    Vineyards of Monte Conero

    Via Pozzo, 142 Varano di Ancona
    071 2861343
    Via Varano, 147 Ancona
    071 2861204
    Via di Pontelungo, 166 Ancona
    071 897386
    Frazione Candia 91, Ancona
    071 36464
    Via Montacuto, 121 Ancona
    071 898232
    Fraz. Poggio, 128 Ancona
    071 801138
    Frazione Poggio, 146 Ancona
    071 801070
    Via Fonte Inferno,11 Camerano
    071 731797
    Via Enrico Malacari, 6
    Ancona 071 7207606
    Via Osimana, 89 Camerano
    071 731104
    Via Musone, 4 Numana
    071 7390352
    Via Loretana, 190 Camerano
    071 732050

    Altri produttori

    Via Marx, 123 - Castelfidardo
    071 7820162
    Via Direttissima del Conero, 47 Camerano
    071 731023
    Via della Madonnetta Ancona
    071 892286
    Via Adriatica, 12 - Osimo
    071 7108019
    Via Marina II, 26 - Numana

Conero Wine

Conero is not only the toponym of the beautiful mountain that plunges down into the lido Adriano of the Adriatic Sea but also the new appellation of the DOCG red wine reserve since 2004. The first wine quality certification of Rosso Conero was the DOC, earned in 1967. Despite the production disciplinary permits the use of Montepulciano grape for at least 85% and for the remaining 15% of Sangiovese, many producers usually prefer to avoid the blending. Montepulciano is a red wine mountain grape variety coming from Teramo and Aquila areas but established here centuries ago.

Known as “el Vì roscio de Ancona” (the red wine of Ancona in dialect) it was eulogized by the naturalist Bacci and the ancient Benedectine monks of San Pietro al Monte hermitage. The Conero area is ideal for this strong and robust grape variety. Thanks to the experiences, the small and large wineries investments and the know-how of the wise wine specialists over the years, Rosso Conero is appreciated as a quintessential wine throughout the world. Thanks to its wonderful fruity aroma of dried black cherry, spices and balsamic, the Rosso Conero Riserva stands out immediately between the national wine scene.

Five million years ago the Conero was a mountainous island in the Adriatic Sea, not a volcano as an old untrue folktale said. An intense thrust tectonic of the Eurasian fault lifted the Marche Region, pushing/ moving the sea water away from the Appenini Mountains to its current location/position. The island merges with the landmass and thenceforth it became a seamount. In every restaurants of the Conero Riviera you can enjoy delicious fish dishes and pair them with a great wine. The red one doesn’t pair with the fish, for this reason old local grape varieties have been revived, such as malvasia, incrocio Bruni 54 (crossing of Verdicchio and Sauvignon wines, created in the 30s in the Pesaro area by Professor Bruno Bruni).

Other varieties have been imported such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon… so we can found and taste new fragrant white wines of the Conero area. In addition to “the big red brother”, this wine family extends itself to the fresh fruity slightly aromatic rosé and the elegant sparkling wines, produced using the Martinotti and Classic Methods …but the wine family completes itself with the dessert wines and the “visciolato”: the first one born from the old white Muscat grapes and the second one is a cherry wine that pairs beautifully with barry cakes, cherry pies and sinfully with chocolate desserts. We never expected from a calcareous clay-rich mountain caressed by the sea breeze, a full range of wines highlighting our traditional meat and fish dishes but it’s not surprising/it’s not coincidence that the Marche region is pluralist.

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